Butler and VIP Concierge Services 

Club member VIP’s will be assigned a Butler(Pomperdore) and any staff needed to make their trips, vacations, meetings etc. comfortable, and worry free. A Pomperdore is responsible for efficiently running and supervising the specific needs of our clients on a daily basis and especially during functions and events. 
Pomperdore duties with a capable staff assisting may include the following: 

Corporate Duties
Receiving clients and guest to the Board of Directors or to the CEO
Managing functions and events
Assisting serving drinks, lunches and dinners

Family Services
Answering residence phone, receiving guests and supervising the reception of visitors
Social correspondence
Maintaining social agenda
Running personal errands
Assisting with cooking and serving of meals and drinks 
Child care
Pet care
Elderly care
Valet services

Laundry management
Shoe care and other valet services 
Travel services

Coordinating travel arrangements for family and household guests
Assistance during traveling
(Un-)packing suitcases
Entertainment services

Planning/managing special events and parties
Invitations and RSVP handling
Reservations for restaurant, theatre etc.
Receiving guests and supervising the reception of visitors
Assisting with planning special events and entertaining in the home
Administrative services

Handling social/business correspondence and bills
Serving as office assistant, handling correspondence, creating inventories, organizing the office and handling media inquiries
Computer operations

Home Services
Answering residence phone
Managing other domestic staff
Running household/office errands
Providing or scheduling household security
Maintaining the wine cellar and having knowledge of fine wines
Maintaining care and inventory of fine china, silver, crystal, automobiles, artwork, antiques and other special collections

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Club VIP Concierge Services 
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